Barclays Life Skills

2012-2013 at Dare, London

Barclays invited Dare to pitch to create a website that would hold a selection of teaching materials that had already been developed by an expert teaching agency.

Our proposal was to start something that could excite young people to learn and discover in their own time, as much as it would enable teachers to deliver effective and memorable lessons in class. Taking the content out of the classroom would also enable us to involve parents and local businesses in our users’ future success stories. So a simple resource for teachers soon became a multi-faceted platform.

My Experience Strategy was developed alongside a series of focus groups around the country. We explored creative routes with small groups of friends, and their attitudes to current citizenship and careers information were uncovered. This fed into a site architecture based around long-term goals broken into bitesized content chunks, with a points mechanism intended to tie back into work experience placements with local businesses.

We also worked with a number of third-party APIs to enable things like skills matching and placement finding. Due to incredibly tight demands on our build partners, it was imperative that my wireframe specifications were appropriately thorough and clear.

True to its original ambitions, the site is huge now, and continues to be built upon. But you can still see some of the original framework.