Cancer Research Race For Life app

2013 at Dare, London

I was heavily involved during Dare’s pitch process for the relaunch of Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life app, which was ultimately successful. A small and collaborative team of Experience Planner, Designer, Strategist and Producer, pulled the submission together over about a week.

The app was then developed broadly along the lines of my original experience and structural recommendations.

To be most cost-efficient for the charity, one app was developed and then deployed to iOS and Android platforms. So the experience needed to feel consistent across both platforms, without feeling like it was a ‘port’ from the other.

My solution was to use the user’s main ‘dashboard’ as the navigation mechanic throughout the app – the user can tap into funds raised, or race information, then swipe down or back to return to the home screen. Sharing and fundraising shoutouts were always possible, using a persistent ‘action’ button.