Barclaycard Bespoke

2011 at Dare London

Barclaycard have a vast amount of data about how people use their services across the country. They also have a hugely active merchant customer base who rely on their card-reading machines and back-office solutions to process card payments and other financial transactions.

When the deals ‘bubble’ came in 2011, Barclaycard approached Dare to define an experience for both customers exploring deals and merchants, based on this wealth of customer and merchant information.

Their USP would be that they could offer personalised deal recommendations based on a customer’s current shopping habits; if a shop owner wanted to attract brand new customers, Bespoke could only push deals to those customers who had not used their cards in his store. Similarly if another business owner wanted to reward her best customers, she could target those too.

Customers could improve their ‘offer matching strength’ by adding more cards or setting up favourite areas where they would like to get offers. They could also review the offers they used, live in the iPhone and Android apps we designed, and send offer vouchers as gifts to their friends.

Sadly, customer appetite for deals sites like this diminished just as development got underway, so a greatly reduced, although still very popular service launched instead.