A connected journey

A personal project since 2015

This is an ongoing discussion between me, Roz Thomas and friends. The amazing sketches have been produced by Duncan Hill. You can read more about some of the ideas in this blog post

We’re inspired to see more and more things connected to the web: thermometers, cars, houses, watches, dogs, and lampposts. But we’re frustrated that it’s not coming together. And there are screens everywhere.

It feels very much like what we can do, rather than why we would do it. In our rush to connect everything, we’ve forgotten to mention what’s in it for the user.

We’re exploring scenarios that bring together items in the home, the car and the urban environment, to explore how bridging the gaps between these spaces could have profound implications for how we get about, how we live, and how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Many of the technologies have already been proposed or released. Our story unfolds in the near-future, once the devices and the technologies that connect them have been integrated and adopted.