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I love looking through the visual diary of Yvan Rodic, of Face Hunter fame. Aside from featuring snapshots of the beautiful people he meets around the world, he captures moments, objects and places in thoughtful and often quite poignant ways.

Photo by Ivan Rodic from London, February 19th, 2010 

Every day I cycle past the Airline Passenger's Commission, or what ever it's called, but I never really stop to appreciate the side façade on Kemble Street. Architecturally, it seems to suggest American airstream, Swiss modernism and 1970s sci-fi all at the same time, whilst also being an intriguing sculptural shape.

Often I'm too busy looking at the Richard Wilson sculpture 'Square the Block' on the other side of Kingsway, but it's a reminder to always take time to stop, look around and re-evaluate the everyday. It can be amazing.

I first heard of FaceHunter when I was interning at i-D in 2007, we were running a feature on fashion bloggers. He seemed nice in emails, you should check out the visual diary. There's a book out now, too.

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Comment (1)

  1. Beautifully made.. The angle of the picture made it better.. 🙂

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