Inner space *


Have you changed trains at Kings Cross recently? It's a bit like walking through a spaceship.

Kings Cross underground tunnels

Kings Cross Underground tunnels

Kings Cross Underground tunnels

It's funny how crazy the tunnels look without advertising. We've totally factored it into our expectations of public environments.

Artwork on the new entrance to the northern line by Knut Henrik Henriksen

This last piece had a nice write up at Ben Terrett's blog a few months ago, it's by Knut Henrik Henriksen.

I like how obviously 'now' this station is becoming – it would be cool if they could do this for all the stations – not making them all look 'now', but faithful to the time they were built. 

That would be fun. Not just travelling to another place, but experiencing a different age at every stop.

* Wasn't Inner Space the film awesome? No? Just me? Ok.


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