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I'm finding work incredibly inspiring at the moment; not just because of the amazing Dare people, also because there is a whole heap of awesome on the floor below in the shape of agencies like Identica, Your Studio and thinkpublic

It's not too often that we really collaborate though, due to the usual reasons. So it was entirely refreshing to be able to help thinkpublic in a workshop over lunch on Friday, especially as it moves towards being a year since I left Public Zone.

Screenshot from the Impossible video

For me, the internet's best moments have been when an offline/physical experience has been enhanced by connections or knowledge gained through a digital channel: Brighton council has an email list of residents with 4x4s who have volunteered to deliver meals on wheels in case of snow. I have more than once discovered a quaint new back street bar off the back of a foursquare notification from a friend. There have been amazing breakaway discussions at conferences initiated via twitter.

All of that stuff that takes the empowerment of a one-to-many publishing medium to inform action or change in 'real life'.

As we see more things with their own personalities online, these interactions are likely to become more complex, but also more open to amazing innovation. It's kind of what's motivated me to get involved with The Brixton Society.

So I'm totally inspired by the possibilities of this new project '', which we talked about on Friday. It's quite a long video, but it's worth sticking with it:

There are so many challenges ahead for, but it's exciting hearing people so truly committed to a cause. All those obstructions and constraints that face a project must still be there, but there's so much positivity in the answers they give in the video. If they approach the whole project in that way it's likely that they'll make a whole heap of progress. I really hope they do.

Plus everyone involved so far happens to be world-leading in some way, which probably helps.

I'm going to see about doing my bit by making my own wish; to help out in any small way I can.

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