A peaceful Electri-City


The most exciting thing about developments in mobility at the moment is that more than ever before, the car can be seen as only a small part of the picture. Yes, electric cars are cool and a fantastic opportunity for new explorations in interface design. And while that’s absolutely a space I think about a lot, I think the real opportunity for us all is in the wider societal effects that a connected network of electrically powered vehicles could bring.

That’s why I love this video promoting a new electric bus route in Gothenburg:

Imagine a city street near you with no traffic noise. Councils are being understandably lethargic in supporting infrastructure for electric vehicles, because their main perceived problem is congestion, not climate change. So more car-shaped things of any kind is bad. And they have no money. But I think this is incredibly short-sighted.

Quiet, clean cities, even with today’s road layouts, would be a revolution – imagine all those grimy pavements opened up to conversation and contemplation, and imagine how the pace of life could change if we weren’t surrounded by revving engines.

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Comment (1)

  1. Sam E says:

    Cool video. I’d love quieter streets, though wonder how it might affect stuff like pedestrian traffic accidents (at least for people who don’t wear headphones a lot and rely on their ears). I often almost get run over by Priuses..

    The potential of less revving = less aggression/stress is promising. If you could figure a way to encourage less horn use in cities, that would be awesome. Maybe it would happen by association? Maybe horns could be made quieter as they’d have less to compete with.

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